Money talks at FinanceCamp

FinanceCamp is open to all businesses in the process of raising finance, from any sector: large and small, well established and newly launched, commercial and non-profit making.

Whether you need a £1,000 start-up loan or a multi-million-pound equity funding round, you’ll find the funds you need at FinanceCamp.

We’ll help you to work out what type of finance fits you best, then we’ll introduce you to the people with money to invest.

You’ll also hear words of wisdom and warning from other companies who’ve raised finance in the past, meet new contacts and experts to explore new opportunities

Venture capital fund managers, angel investors, social investment funders, banks and crowdfunding platforms are among those taking a pitch at FinanceCamp. You can meet them all face to face on one day, under one roof.



Your FinanceCamp journey

The event is FREE to attend, and with a programme of investor readiness training on offer in the run-up to the event our expert advisers from Ward Hadaway and UNW will make sure you’re pitch perfect before coming face-to-face with hand-picked investors on the day.

We’ll spend some time getting to know your business and identifying how we can help you to prepare for investment. We’ll find out what type of finance you’re looking for and establish the type of investors you’d like to meet.

You’ll have the chance to maximise your attendance at FinanceCamp by taking part in a range of opportunities to prepare in advance of the investor meetings.

Register now and find out what happens next!


FinanceCamp is only possible with the support of our local and national partners, including Innovate UK, the Knowledge Transfer Network, North East LEP and North East BIC, with part funding from the European Regional Development Fund. Huge thanks go to all our partners. Please visit their websites to find out more.

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