FinanceCamp is perfect for pre-starts and start-up companies

Time is precious when you’re launching a new business. FinanceCamp makes the most of yours with a programme that brings together all the expertise and contacts you need to secure investment. You’ll work with experts NatWest, BluSky and TEDCO to refine your business idea and get it ready for investment.

FinanceCamp is perfect for you if you need to:

  • check your idea is viable and ready for investment
  • understand what finance is right for you
  • meet a range of suitable investors

Your takeaways

You’ll leave the programme reassured your business proposition is watertight. You’ll have a clear understanding of the different types of finance available and what investors are looking for.

You’ll take away with you:

  • an expanded network of contacts
  • inspiration from others who’ve taken similar paths
  • and even the possibility of a deal

We’ll guide you step by step through a process that increases your chances of securing the finance you need. Prepare, perfect, pitch.

Interested but not quite ready to meet investors?

That’s fine.

If you know you’re going to need finance at some point in the future we can help you to begin laying the right foundations.

The sooner you start preparing your business the better. If you ask yourself the right questions now the process will be quicker and more successful when the time comes to speak to investors.

Get prepared

You’ll be invited to take part in a series of workshops designed to get your business investor-ready and help you to begin thinking about the questions funders will ask.

At our Growth Hub Live Accessing Finance drop-in session you’ll be able to speak to a whole series of experts who can give you answers to any questions you might have on topics including intellectual property, law, accountancy and market research.

Then join us on Wednesday 24 May at Ramside Hall to hear words of wisdom and warning from other companies who’ve raised finance in the past. You can even meet investors in person to discuss your plans and make an initial contact without the expectation of a formal pitch.

Apply now


Experts matched to your type of business will work with you to prepare your business proposition. They will challenge and strengthen your idea to make sure it is as attractive as possible to an investor.


Workshops and lessons learned by those who’ve already succeeded in securing investment will help you perfect your presentation. Simple, jargon-free sessions demystify the investment process and help you understand exactly what investors are looking for.


The most suitable potential investors will be identified and when you’re fully prepared and feeling confident, you’ll have the chance to pitch to them face to face.

Why it works for me

“The event not only opened up to me a number of valuable opportunities, but more importantly it helped me to understand the investment process to ensure my business was investment-ready.”

Ami Davies, whose company Brand Ami secured £60,000 to develop a protocol of its My Little Explorer child safety wristband

“Securing the right finance at the right time is crucial for any growing business. We see this programme as a great opportunity for us, alongside other investors and business-supporters, to make contact with potential clients and for businesses with limited spare time available to access a whole range of information under one roof and in one day.”

Sarah Thorpe, Regional Executive, UK Steel Enterprise

“It was really exciting to see such a spread of opportunities in front of us. It became as much about us choosing the right business partner as it was about selling ourselves to funders. In one afternoon we were able to meet with a wide range of potential investors and immediately narrow down those that were right for us – a task that ordinarily would have taken months of correspondence and meetings.”

Jon Haines, Co-Founder of VEO (Video Enhanced Observation) Ltd which secured £150,000 at Venturefest North East to develop its real-time video tagging technology

“FinanceCamp has opened up a range of opportunities to help develop Effortless 3D. I’ve taken part in pitching events in the North East and in London and the advice and training I’ve had in advance of these has been invaluable. We made a number of connections with investors who are interested in our business.”

Richard McCormack, CEO, Effortless 3D whose pitch was voted best by investors at FinanceCamp
Effortless 3D

“The preparation side of FinanceCamp is incredibly useful. Presentation training really helped me to refine my pitch and gave me confidence that I was doing it right. I made some useful contacts at the North East event and was then given the chance to pitch to London investors at a separate event in the capital, which was really exciting.”

Becca Brighty, Co-Founder, We Love Work
Growing businesses

Explore new routes to finance

Need to finance your next step? We'll help you consider all viable sources of finance to find the best fit for your business. Then we'll introduce you to the people who have the money you need.


Meet viable investment opportunities

Ambitious companies with bright ideas and viable business propositions. That's who you'll meet at FinanceCamp. Our preparations mean ideas are watertight and pitches are perfect.


FinanceCamp is only possible with the support of our local and national partners, including Innovate UK, the Knowledge Transfer Network, North East LEP and North East BIC, with part funding from the European Regional Development Fund. Huge thanks go to all our partners. Please visit their websites to find out more.

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